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A wellness visit is a routine exam performed by your child's provider. It's an essential part of child health and ensures your child receives the medical support they need throughout childhood. The team at NOVA Pediatrics and Young Adult Medicine in Springfield and Woodbridge, Virginia, encourages every person responsible for a child to stay on top of their child's wellness visits. Is your child overdue? Book a consultation over the phone or through the website scheduling tool.

Wellness Visits Q & A

What is a wellness visit?

A trip to the doctor doesn't have to be in response to illness. Preventive care is necessary because it catches potential health issues before they worsen, making a successful result more likely. 

A well-child exam looks at your child's overall well-being and flags any areas that may need monitoring. The team at NOVA Pediatrics and Young Adult Medicine recommends you schedule wellness visits when your child is the following ages:

  • Two to five days
  • One month
  • Two months
  • Four months
  • Six months
  • Nine months
  • 12 months
  • 15 months
  • 18 months
  • Two years
  • Two and a half years

From age three, your child can move to annual visits. If your child is overdue a well-child visit, call the practice today.

What does your child's provider assess at a wellness visit?

Your provider uses wellness visits to make informed choices about the next steps in your child's health care plan. They provide information on the following:

Hearing and vision

Without testing, it's not always obvious whether your child has hearing or vision problems. Your provider checks for signs of anomaly and may refer your child to a specialist if necessary.

Growth and development

Your provider assesses your child's growth and development against the generally acceptable range for their age to check for delays.


Your practitioner provides nutritional counseling on diet and obesity and, if necessary, can refer you to a dietician.


Wellness visits are an excellent opportunity to stay on top of your child's vaccination program.

Chronic disease diagnosis

Providers at NOVA Pediatrics and Young Adult Medicine screen for chronic diseases like asthma and diabetes at wellness visits. Catching chronic disease early prevents the condition from going untreated.

Behavioral health

Parents are usually the first to spot changes in their child's behavior or mental health. Your provider values your observations when assessing wellness and health.

Your child's health care is a collaboration between you and their health care provider. Together, you make your child's well-being a priority.

Why are wellness visits important?

Without well-child visits, you wouldn't know whether your child was developing as they should for their age or whether they need any medical intervention. They allow your child's provider to create treatment programs that support your child's health and well-being.

If your child is due a wellness visit exam, call NOVA Pediatrics and Young Adult Medicine or book an appointment online.