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Ear Piercing Specialist

NOVA Pediatrics and Young Adult Medicine

Pediatricians located in Springfield, VA & Woodbridge, VA

NOVA Pediatrics and Young Adult Medicine offers ear piercing for their children ages 4 months and older. Ear piercing performed by a skilled member of the medical team is the only way to ensure absolute safety, comfort, and great results. To make an ear piercing appointment, call either of the offices in Springfield or Woodbridge, Virginia, or book an appointment online.

Ear Piercing Q & A

How does ear piercing work?

A member of the experienced NOVA Pediatrics and Young Adult Medicine team applies a prescription topical numbing cream, sterilizes your child’s earlobes, and marks the precise piercing spot. 

Then, they pierce your child’s ears using a medical-grade piercing device. The puncture occurs quite quickly, which means most children experience very little discomfort or pain. 

The piercing device inserts starter studs in your child’s ears. These studs are 24kt gold-plated with surgical steel posts so they won’t aggravate the holes as they heal. 

Medical ear piercing at Comprehensive Pediatrics follows stringent safety protocols, so you never need to worry about cleanliness or precision when the expert pediatricians handle your child’s piercings. 

At what age should I get my child’s ears pierced?

You, as a parent, must make this very personal decision. But, remember that, although ear piercing is incredibly safe, you are opening up the opportunity for infection. 

Infants’ immune systems are still developing, so you may consider waiting until your child is at least six months old before getting their ears pierced. NOVA Pediatrics and Young Adult Medicine does provide ear piercings for children four months and older.

If your child is making the decision, consider if they’re old enough to take responsibility for keeping their ears clean following the procedure. Often this is around age 10, but every child is different. 

How do I take care of my child’s pierced ears?

Your child’s NOVA Pediatrics and Young Adult Medicine specialist gives you aftercare instructions during the appointment. That includes daily ear cleaning using the provided antibacterial topical solution, rotating the studs a few times a day, and wearing the starter studs for the prescribed period (usually, at least six weeks). 

Deviating from these aftercare instructions could cause serious complications like infections or potentially even keloids (fibrous scar tissue overgrowth). Redness, swelling, pain, and drainage are signs of a possible infection. Contact NOVA Pediatrics and Young Adult Medicine right away if you suspect a problem with the piercing.

As long as you’re careful and encourage your child to look after their pierced ears properly, they can enjoy a lifetime of beautiful sparkly ear adornments. 

Book your child’s ear piercing appointment by calling NOVA Pediatrics and Young Adult Medicine or use the online appointment scheduler.