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Anxiety Specialist

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Millions of people experience anxiety, and they aren’t just adults. Children and teens experience anxiety that can get in the way of their ability to thrive. At NOVA Pediatrics and Young Adult Medicine, with offices in Springfield and Woodbridge, Virginia, you can get help for your child if they are struggling with anxiety. Call the office today or use the online booking tool to schedule a visit if you are concerned about your child’s mental health and anxiety.

Anxiety Q & A

What is anxiety?

Everyone experiences anxiety from time to time. Children and teens may be anxious about a school presentation, an exam, future plans, or social circumstances. These cases of anxiety usually pass as soon as the stressor does.

But, if your child seems to experience feelings of fear and worry that are persistent and aren’t rational, it could be a sign of an anxiety disorder. Anxiety can start to interfere with your child’s quality of life, causing fearful, worrying thoughts that prevent enjoyment of normal activities, like play, school, and family time.

What are the symptoms of anxiety in children and teens?

Anxiety can cause children and teens to avoid places, events, and activities. You may notice your child experiences:

  • Sleep disruptions
  • Difficulty controlling fear or worry
  • Avoidance of anxiety triggers
  • Restlessness
  • Fear of separation from their parents
  • Extreme phobias
  • Worry about the future and bad things happening

A full-out anxiety attack may show up with sweating, increased heart rate, trembling, weakness, and rapid breathing. 

Anxiety symptoms can interfere with school and social situations. Your child may display a fear of public spaces like schools or stores. Anxiety is also closely related to depression. It can cause your child to withdraw and become despondent.

How is anxiety treated?

At NOVA Pediatrics and Young Adult Medicine, the providers screen for an anxiety disorder at all well-child and adolescent visits. 

They’ll offer services to help support family dynamics, social life, and environment to improve their mental well-being. The practice has a relationship with many high-quality counselors and can make a referral if therapy and behavior modification could be beneficial. A counselor can provide talk therapy that helps your child counter feelings of anxiety. 

If necessary, the provider may also recommend medications to ease your child’s anxiety. Often, medication used along with talk therapy offers the best results. Medication is not the first line of treatment, but it can be quite effective in relieving symptoms when more conservative interventions are less successful.

Get your child screened for anxiety. Call NOVA Pediatrics and Young Adult Medicine for an appointment or use the online booking tool to schedule.