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Accessible health care is vital at any age, but especially when you're talking about children's health. Children become sick frequently, but it's not always possible or even desirable to attend an in-person appointment. The team at NOVA Pediatrics and Young Adult Medicine in Springfield and Woodbridge, Virginia, offers telemedicine appointments, allowing you to access professional medical care without leaving your house. Call the practice today to find out more, or request a consultation through the website.

Telemedicine Q & A

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine allows you to access medical care remotely without having to attend an in-office appointment. Telemedicine consultations can take place through online portals, video conferences, and even apps. The benefits of telemedicine include:

  • It's cheaper
  • You receive a fast diagnosis
  • It helps prevent the spread of disease
  • Saves time

The last thing you want to do when your child is sick is to make them leave their comfortable bed and take a journey in the car. Telemedicine allows them to receive medical care from the comfort of home. 

When should I schedule a telemedicine appointment?

There are a surprising number of conditions where it's not necessary to be face to face with a medical provider to receive medical attention. You can schedule a telemedicine appointment with the providers at NOVA Pediatrics and Young Adult Medicine for any of the following:

  • Medication checks — asthma, allergy, ADHD, gynecological
  • Mental health visits and medication checks
  • Dermatological issues — rash, acne, eczema, bug bites, ringworm
  • Cold and flu symptoms, including COVID-19 concerns
  • Renew prescriptions
  • Sickness and diarrhea
  • Behavioral health
  • Infected cuts
  • Lab test and radiology report reviews
  • Well-child checks

If you're unsure whether to bring your child into the office, call the practice to discuss your options.

How do I set up a telemedicine appointment?

It's easy to set up a telemedicine appointment with the providers at NOVA Pediatrics and Young Adult Medicine. First, call the office to schedule your appointment. You have three options when logging in to your telemedicine appointment: through the patient portal, via an email link, or through the Healow™ app. 

Depending on the most suitable method for you, you will then need to either verify your email address with the team, ensure you have an active patient portal account (or set one up with a username and password), or download the Healow App (not the Healow Kids App).

You will need access to either a smartphone or a computer with a camera and microphone for the call, and the team recommends you log in 15 minutes before your appointment time. 

The office collects your copay or self-pay payment when you book the appointment. If you have any questions before your appointment, call the office and the team will help you get set up.

If you have a health concern, don't ignore it or wait for it to go away on its own. Reach out to the team at NOVA Pediatrics and Young Adult Medicine today by phone or through the website.