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Having a new baby is one of life's most exciting experiences. But caring for a baby and keeping them safe and well can feel a little overwhelming. The experienced team of pediatric professionals at NOVA Pediatrics and Young Adult Medicine in Springfield and Woodbridge, Virginia, is experts in newborn care and provides all the support your baby needs in their first few months and as they grow through childhood. Book a newborn care appointment today over the phone or through the website.

Newborn Care Q & A

What is newborn care?

Newborn care focuses on the health needs of babies under three months old. These first few months are a critical time for growth, health, and development. Your provider works with you to ensure that you and your baby receive all the medical support you need.

When should I schedule newborn care appointments?

During the first few days, weeks, and even months of having a newborn, you may find yourself worrying over every little change in their behavior or appearance. Newborn care appointments allow your provider to monitor your baby’s health and give you an opportunity to ask any questions. These milestone appointments help put your mind at ease.

A few days after coming home

Your baby's first appointment should be the day after they come home from the hospital for a weight and color check. It allows your provider to get familiar with your baby, make sure they have transitioned to home life, and administer the hepatitis B vaccine.

Two weeks later

Your baby's second appointment should be around two weeks after the first appointment. Typically you'll schedule this while you're at your first appointment.

One month old

Your third appointment is when your baby turns one month old. Your provider measures their growth and development and administers the second dose of certain vaccines.

Appointments continue every two months, with gradually more time passing between each one as your baby gets older and stronger. 

Why are newborn care appointments important?

Newborn care appointments allow your provider to give your baby the care and support they need as they grow. Well-baby visits are important for the following reasons:

Track growth and development

Your provider measures your baby's weight, height, and head diameter. They also check for developmental milestones, especially once your child gets a little older.

Prevent disease

Babies have half of their required childhood vaccines before they turn one. Vaccines build immunity to harmful, potentially life-threatening diseases.

Monitor nutrition

Nutritional demands differ between babies, and it's important that your baby gets the nutritional support they need. Your provider helps you achieve optimal nutrition. 

Ensure peace of mind

Many parents use their baby's newborn care appointments to speak to their provider about any worries they have. It provides much-needed peace of mind and also helps catch possible health concerns early on.

Your baby's care is a collaboration between you and your provider, and your baby is in the best of hands with the experienced team at NOVA Pediatrics and Young Adult Medicine. Call today to speak with a helpful staff member to schedule an appointment or book online.