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Breastfeeding Specialist

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As natural as it seems, breastfeeding should be, mom and baby often have challenges. At NOVA Pediatrics and Young Adult Medicine, the experienced team of providers answers your questions about breastfeeding and offers support when you’re facing challenges with latch, production, and weaning. Call the office in Springfield or Woodbridge, Virginia, to make an appointment or use the online tool to book.

Breastfeeding Q & A

What are the benefits of breastfeeding?

Not all women choose to breastfeed, but if you do, know you’re providing your baby with valuable nutrients designed especially for them. Mother’s milk provides benefits to your baby like:

  • Boosted immunity
  • Defense against developing asthma
  • Prevention of childhood obesity
  • Protection from ear infections
  • Protection from type 2 diabetes

Breastfed children are also less vulnerable to SIDS, or sudden infant death syndrome.

You, as a mom, also reap benefits. You get to bond with your baby and the process of breastfeeding releases chemicals in your body that help discourage postpartum depression. Breastfeeding can also help you recover from childbirth faster and achieve a healthy weight sooner.

What breastfeeding support is available?

The providers at NOVA Pediatrics and Young Adult Medicine offer breastfeeding support at all stages of your baby’s life. They can help during prenatal visits before the baby's birth, so you feel ready when it’s time to breastfeed.

You also receive support at newborn visits, especially if you’re concerned about your baby’s ability to latch or your milk production. 

They offer recommendations about how to position your baby during breastfeeding and how to rest your breast to make each session as comfortable as possible. Your specialist can help you learn how to read your baby’s hunger cues, too.

If you are having troubles with breastfeeding, your specialist can assess your baby’s sucking strength and oral anatomy for issues that might make breastfeeding more difficult. 

How long should I be breastfeeding my baby?

The most recent recommendations from major health organizations say you should exclusively breastfeed your baby for at least six months. They can be slowly weaned off after one to two years as they are introduced to solid foods. 

Of course, these are only recommendations. The providers at NOVA Pediatrics and Young Adult Medicine can help you set up a schedule that’s right for you. When it is time to wean, your provider can recommend what types of foods to introduce first so your baby thrives. 

What if breastfeeding isn’t possible for me?

Breastfeeding isn’t possible for all mothers, and that’s all right. Issues with mother’s health, milk production, baby’s health, and scheduling sometimes mean it isn’t an option. Your provider at NOVA Pediatrics and Young Adult Medicine supports your choice when it comes to feeding your child and can recommend the best formulas to support a healthy baby.

Get the breastfeeding support you need. Call NOVA Pediatrics and Young Adult Medicine for an appointment or use the online tool to schedule today.