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Tips for a Great Telemedicine Visit

How your pediatricians in Springfield, VA, can help your child stay healthy

While there are times where it proves impossible to physically bring your child into your pediatrician's office, there is still a way to obtain proper healthcare. Here at Nova Pediatrics in Springfield and Woodbridge, VA, your children's doctors offer convenient telemedicine visits, when you and your child need to stay home—read on to learn more.

Telemedicine and You

You can call in for a telemedicine visit between the hours of 8am to 4pm to receive help if your child is suffering from a fever, cough, or other respiratory problem. You can also use telemedicine if you need to speak with a pediatrician about follow-up care, a medication check, or behavioral health.

To start your telemedicine appointment, you need to call the office to schedule, and you need to have an active Patient Portal account with a username and password. Make sure you have a computer with a camera and microphone, and have access to a web browser like Google Chrome. You can also use a smartphone or tablet with the Healow App. You must sign in to the app before starting your visit. The office will collect your copay when the appointment is scheduled.

To make the most of your child’s telemedicine visit, you need to:

To read additional information about telemedicine visits, please visit the Telemedicine section on the website at

Your child’s health is important, and now you can protect it and still stay at home, thanks to telemedicine visits at Nova Pediatrics. To learn more about this exciting new care option, call the pediatricians here at Nova Pediatrics in Springfield, VA, at (703) 451-3333, or at our office in Woodbridge at (703) 491-2141.

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