Now accepting Telehealth appointments. Schedule a virtual visit.



NOVA Pediatrics is excited to offer telemedicine visits during our 8am-4pm office hours for our existing patients.  New patients are required initially to be seen in our office.

Telemedicine visits will allow your child to be seen and assessed in real time at home using your desktop/laptop or smartphone. Telemedicine visits are a convenient and effective way to see your healthcare provider, are HIPAA compliant, and minimizes the risk of exposure to illness.

Telemedicine visits are covered by most insurance companies.  Please call our office to verify if your insurance will cover the telemedicine visit.

Telemedicine Visit Types

  1. Fever, cough, respiratory symptoms or COVID-19 concerns
  2. Concerns such as rash, pink eye, head lice, constipation, or reflux
  3. ADHD medication checks
  4. Asthma and allergy medication checks
  5. Behavioral health consultation
  6. Mental health visits including depression and anxiety medication checks
  7. Dermatological checks (eczema, acne, ringworm, bug bites)
  8. Gynecological medication checks
  9. Reviewing results of laboratory testing
  10. Reviewing results of radiology reports
  11. Well child checks will be either via telemedicine or will be a blended visit with both a telemedicine component and an in office visit.

How to set up a Telemedicine visit

1.  Call our office to schedule the appointment with your provider:

  • We will verify your email address and o ur receptionist will provide you with a recommendation on the best way to conduct the telemedicine visit.
  • Please ensure you have an active Patient Portal account if you plan to log in via that method.
  • We will provide you with your Patient Portal username/password if you do not already have one.
  • Download the Healow App (NOT the Healow Kids App) if you plan to log in via that method.

2.  Our office will collect your copay or self pay rates when the appointment is scheduled.

3.  A desktop/laptop with a camera and microphone or a smartphone is required.

Logging into your Telemedicine visit

There are three different ways to to begin your Telemedicine Visit. We request you log in 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time, and we recommend using Google Chrome for optimal results. Click on your preferred method below for detailed instructions.

1. Patient Portal (desktop/laptop only) Click this link to log into your patient portal account with your username/password provided by NOVA Pediatrics.

2. Email Link (smartphone or desktop/laptop) Click the link on the email sent from our office.  Please check your SPAM folder if you do not receive this email.

3. Healow App (smartphone only) Use "Practice code: HDBGCA" when setting up the App.  Same username and password as the Patient Portal.

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