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How Common Is ADD and How Can It Be Treated?

Attention Deficit Disorder, or ADD, is a mental disorder that impacts more than six million American children and their families, reports the ADD Resource Center. If you're worried about your child's lack of concentration and impulsiveness, Nova Pediatrics and Young Adult Medicine in Springfield, VA, can help. Our six staff pediatricians understand your concerns, and they can help.

It's a child's disorder

This is true, but not completely. In fact, a brain difference disorder, such as ADD, often goes undiagnosed into adulthood when its symptoms become more obvious in the workplace and family. The inability to stay on task, to listen carefully to a conversation or to instructions, poor memory skills, and procrastination are hallmarks of ADD no matter the age or walk of life.

It's a male disorder

This is true; however, many girls and women have ADD, too, although symptoms manifest a bit differently. Social withdrawal is common to adolescent girls with ADD, making a diagnosis of this behavioral/learning problem more covert than in boys.

It's a character problem

No, Attention Deficit Disorder has nothing to do with being a bad kid. Children (and adults) with ADD experience real struggles. However, once identified and strategies and/or medications are put in place, these children enjoy more meaningful and productive lives.

What parents can do

Mention your concerns to your pediatrician at your child's next wellness visit at our Springfield, VA, office. ADD may be the problem, or something else may be responsible for the behaviors you see.

A complete physical exam eliminates other issues. Your pediatrician may confirm the diagnosis of ADD and/or send you and your child to a specialist, such as a neuropsychologist, for evaluation.

Common ADD treatments

1. Medications, such as Ritalin

2. Daily exercise

3. No caffeinated products, such as colas

4. High protein, low carbohydrate diet

5. Limiting screen time of all kinds--TV, laptop, phone

Together, we're better

At Nova Pediatrics and Young Adult Medicine, our professional team works with families to develop ADD coping strategies. For a personal consultation, contact one of our two area offices, and we'll talk. For the Springfield, VA, location, phone (703) 451-3333, or for the Woodbridge office, call (703) 491-2141.

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